The purpose is a method of indicating the size of the mesh, and how many holes per inch of the screen is called "mesh". The larger the mesh size, the smaller the mesh size. There are different standards for mesh sizes in various countries, so the meaning of “mesh” is also different. Now the international standard sieve, basically using the Taylor sieve system, based on 200 mesh, the adjacent two sieves in the series have a mesh size difference of two, which is the difference of the mesh area.
Use 2

Tyre Recycling Machine

Tyre Recycling Machine made by Yilong dominated in converting waste tyre to be fuel oil, which have more than 10000kj/kg heating value. Suit for industrial heating fuel. If further extract diesel from tyre oil, you can get amazing diesel which is very good used for boats, vehicles, generator,etc...

Item Unit Tyre Oil Parameter
Density g/cbm 0.87-0.90
Freezing Point ℃


Flash Point ℃
Kinematic Viscosity Mpa.S 6
Combustion Value kj/kg 10500

Also, we are specialize in Automatic Tyre recycling machine, per day can process 30-100tons waste tyre. Automatic feeding, automatic carbon black discharging, automatic steel wire taking out, effectively reduce labour cost...

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