1. The self-rescuer is an instrument that filters carbon monoxide gas for personal self-rescue. 2. The oxygen concentration of the use environment shall not be less than 18% and the concentration of carbon monoxide shall not exceed 1%. 3. The downhole personnel of the instrument must be carried with you, and the carrying position should be fixed on the side of the waist. 4. Turn on the instrument. Remove the protective cover, lift it with your thumb, move it until the seal is broken, and throw away the sealing tape. 5. Remove the canister. Throw away the upper shell, grab the headband and pull out the canister, and throw away the lower shell.

6. Put on your mouth. Put the mouthpiece into the mouth, the mouth is placed between the lips and teeth, the teeth bite the pad, so that the mouth is sealed and isolated from the outside world. 7. Clip the nose clip. Two hand-opened nose clip springs, correctly pinch the nose, seal the nostrils, and breathe with your mouth. 8. Wear your headband. Remove the helmet, wear the headband, and then wear the helmet and retreat from the disaster area. 9. The wearer must undergo professional technical training to achieve proper wear within 20~30 seconds. 10. It is strictly forbidden to remove the mouthpiece and nose clip without leaving the disaster area.

11. The self-rescuer requires regular inspection by a professional. 12. Individuals are not allowed to open the self-rescuer without permission. 13. If the shell of the self-rescuer is in contact with the canister, the canister can not be taken and can still be worn. 14. When wearing, the air entering the mouth is hot and dry, indicating that the instrument is working effectively. It is normal. It is strictly forbidden to take out the self-rescuer due to inhalation of hot air. 15. The self-rescuer can only be used once.

Car Washer

Hongkai wireless lithium battery high-pressure cleaner is powered by a lithium battery and is intelligently self-priming. No need to plug in, it can be used everywhere. Hongkai high-pressure cleaner, built-in large-capacity lithium battery, strong power, long-term standby, without fear of any challenge, makes cleaning a pleasure.

Equipped with a special foaming agent pot, which is quick and convenient, can be controlled at will, the foam is fine and uniform, and the car wash is easier. Equipped with 4 types of nozzles, it can clean a large area, and the powerful water spray can also penetrate into various difficult-to-clean places without leaving a trace of dirt. One machine for multiple purposes, washing cars, watering flowers, cleaning floors, walls, etc. Make daily cleaning easier and more fun. The pure copper nozzle is sturdy and durable, and the pressure is 60 times that of the ordinary ABS nozzle, and the high-pressure water jet can spray farther. Equipped with stainless steel high-density filter.

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