On April 23, 2018, Cummins unveiled its off-road electric power system for the first time at the INTERMAT International Infrastructure Exhibition in Paris, France (Cummins booth: Hall 5A, F021), attracting many insiders and visitors. The Cummins Non-road Extended Range Electric Power System (REEV) demonstrated this time is suitable for construction machinery equipment such as wheel loaders, truck cranes and excavators.

Cummins Launches New Choice for Power System of Construction Machinery

"As a complement to Stage V clean diesel power, Cummins is able to provide the industrial market with a wider portfolio of alternative energy products, including all-electric and range-extended electric power systems." Julie, Executive Director, Cummins Electric Power Division Furber said, "By purchasing the Brammo Battery Company and Johnson Matthey's battery system business, Cummins is building its storage capacity from low voltage to high voltage."

Cummins Non-road Electric Power System Debuts at INTERMAT in France

Cummins demonstrated the REEV system, which effectively manages the power battery and the compact drive motor for coordinated energy supply. This working principle is similar to the battery power system, but it is more convenient to charge, either through a generator driven by a Cummins F3.8 non-road five-stage engine or through plug-in charging, where there are no charging stations. Use more convenient. The generator of this system adopts an efficient traction motor and can continuously output 1850 Nm of torque, which can not only reduce shifting, but also significantly reduce noise, and can output transient peak torque of up to 3400 Nm., responding to construction machinery. High load and harsh conditions of the equipment. Equipment operators can make better choices between zero-emission high-energy-density battery mode and ultra-low-emission drive motor mode based on actual demand.

Cummins Battery Power System (BEV), equivalent to pure electric, can meet the zero-emission environmental requirements and is applicable to drilling rigs, underground mining vehicles and port trailers.

Cummins Non-road Extended Range Electric Power System (REEV)

At this exhibition, Cummins's first 35 kWh battery pack can be selected for individual installations or multiple modular installations based on equipment operation and duty cycle requirements. Cummins also simulated how the REEV system can drive a 20-ton wheel Loader and how to use the night time to charge the equipment. A single 35 kWh battery can support equipment operation for two hours and achieve zero emissions. If you need longer working hours, install a modular battery pack.

Cummins Debuts 35 kWh Battery Pack

In addition, Cummins announced that it has successfully completed more than 100 power supplies for non-road Phase V equipment, 30% of which comes from new businesses, including excavators, loaders, backhoe loaders, forklifts, and container stackers. Drilling rigs, cranes, air compressors, pavers, mining dump trucks, snow blowers and many other categories.
Cummins meets a series of non-road Stage V emission engines with displacements from 3.8 to 15 litres, power ranges from 100 to 675 hp (75 to 503 kW), including two B6.7 and L9 Stage V mid-range engines , Has been put into production at Cummins's Darlington, UK. B6.7 Stage V power is increased to 326 hp (243 kW) and the maximum torque is 1375 Nm, which is 30% higher than that in the fourth stage. The L9 Stage V power is increased from 400 hp (298 kW) to 430 hp (321 kW). The maximum torque increased by 13% to 1846 Nm. (This article comes from Cummins)

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