Safety technical measures for backing sheds

(1) Project Overview

1. Back to the shed

2, back to the reason

3. Roadway slope and support form

4. Engineering quantity and surrounding roadway conditions

(2) Construction preparation

1, machine preparation

Dedicated backing equipment, tools, etc.

2, material preparation

Preparation of materials such as single hydraulic props, hinged top beams, large semi-round logs, and sheds.

3. Local ventilation preparation

Local fan, air duct preparation, etc.

(3) Safety technical measures

1, back to the shed method

2, back to the shed order

3, to be recycled adjacent bracket reinforcement

According to the roof condition of the roadway, the support form of the roadway, the slope, etc., for the U-shaped support roadway, the single hydraulic column can be used to strengthen the head-to-back section; for the U-shaped support inclined lane, the erection should be adopted. The shed is reinforced; for the flat road or inclined lane supported by the I-steel shed, double-row shed reinforcement is required; the length of the slab reinforcement and the number of sheds are determined according to the inclination of the roof and the roadway.

4, after the road inspection

5, gas inspection

6, back column winch operation requirements

7, material recycling management

8. Other safety management requirements

The old lane management after the end of the shed.

(4) Other matters

(5) Drawings

Roadway plan, section view

Reflect the location, scope, local ventilation system, roadway support form and section.

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