1468 working face above cut through the fault measures

The cut surface of the 1468 working face reveals a fault of H=1.5m in the process of propulsion. The fault is located about 10m above the third head and gradually extends toward the tailing direction, which has an increasing trend for safety. Pushing through this fault, the following measures are formulated:

First, using the method of pushing the bottom and pushing hard, through the bottom smoothing working surface slipper, to ensure that the fault is reduced by more than 0.5 meters from the top of the disk to meet the requirements of ventilation, pedestrians and transportation.

Second, the bottom of the method is to use a small eye, put a small cannon, the eye distance from the upper eye 0.6 meters above the eye, the amount of charge per eye does not exceed two, each time only two blastholes, the gun must use a good gun Mud and water cannon mud.

3. When the pillars are not high enough after the bottoming, it is necessary to replace the square pillars of moderate height in time, and wear the iron shoes, and support the pillars according to the operation regulations. The same row of large monomers are connected with iron wires. When the pier is not high enough, replace it with four-mouth clusters.

Fourth, no less than two sheds on the upper and lower sides of the fault, and ensure the quality of the support, the top of the foot is solid, and the shed is three columns. When counter mining, every time the gun is fired, the new slab should be set up in time for the fault. It is strictly forbidden to move the slab alternately. After the normal propulsion, the support method is supported by the fault-cutting measures of the 1468 working face.

5. Strictly implement the system of knocking and helping the top. When the roof is broken, it will be shed in time, and it is strictly forbidden to work on the top.

6. The pillars that are knocked down by the cannon should be raised in time, otherwise it is not allowed to continue to fire.

Seven non-fault disk write-top rising coal.

Eight, when the mining height is ≥1.4m, it is necessary to lay a good help column, the column distance is 0.75m, and it can help the back.

Nine, other strictly in accordance with the "1468 working face coal mining practices" and other relevant measures.

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