Shanhe Smart SWDB90 DTH Drilling Machine Appears on Lake Baikal
Recently, with the years of tests in the international and domestic markets of the new type of rock drilling equipment, Shanhe Intelligent Downhole Drilling Rig and the good reputation of customers, two new-generation integrated SWDB90 hydraulic arm type DTH drilling rigs independently researched and developed by Shanhe Intelligent have undergone many tests. Came to the shore of Lake Belga, Russia, and participated in the construction of a major highway reconstruction project in Russia - the Chita-Post-Bajarsk highway reconstruction project. This time, Shanhe Intelligent Downhole Drilling Rig is once again exported to the country after exporting to Africa, Central and South America, South America, Central Asia, South Asia and Mongolia, and has been widely recognized by the industry and generally praised by customers for its excellent cost-performance advantage.
According to the design requirements, the design of the roadbed of the road section will be 8m deep. The SWDB90 drilling rig is equipped with six 4m long drill rods, which fully satisfy the construction requirements. The staff worked 8 hours a day, drilling machine drilling depth of 160m, single hole forming time of 20min (including the post, lifting rod time), the operating efficiency is much higher than the Russian-made drilling rig, greatly accelerating the progress of the project. Since the construction, the drilling rig has performed well without any failure. In addition to ensuring the normal construction of the drilling rig site, Shanhe intelligent after-sales service personnel also conducted on-site training for customer construction and technical personnel in terms of operation, maintenance, maintenance and daily troubleshooting, and increased customer understanding of Shanhe intelligent products. confidence.
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