According to statistics from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in January 2009, automobile production was 658,800, a year-on-year decrease of 20.22%, and sales of 735,500 vehicles, a year-on-year decrease of 14.35%. At the same time, China Automobile Association also announced the month of passenger cars, commercial vehicles top ten, the largest black horse as a pick up the list of the new car Great Wall Motor. This is also the first time that the national pickup truck manufacturers have entered the top ten monthly sales.

For a long time, the position of the top ten was occupied by Beiqi Futian, Chongqing Chang'an, Dongfeng and other large households. In January of this year, sales of most of the commercial vehicle companies slowed down or even declined. Among them, the Dongfeng, Jinbei and FAW saw the most significant declines, while the sales of the Great Wall pickups did not fall. In January, it reached more than 4,400 vehicles, and ultimately occupied a place.

Since November last year, the central government has successively introduced ten measures and invested 4 trillion yuan in incentive policies to stimulate domestic demand. The group buying market has been booming and industry demand has increased. This has given pickup trucks, which are inexpensive and widely used. Greater room for development.

Admittedly, policy encouragement is a major favorable factor, but the benefits of such a large background and large environment are basically equal opportunities for all companies. Why did the Great Wall Motor suddenly rise? In response, Bi Juhua, deputy general manager of Great Wall Motors, gave the answer: “Pickup is an absolute market segment. It can squeeze into the top ten commercial vehicles that Futian has occupied for a long time and is a source of gratification. Pickup is the starting product of the Great Wall. After more than ten years of development, the Great Wall pickup has formed a full range of high-, medium-, and low-grade models of gasoline and diesel, covering the entire space of 5-10 million domestic pickup trucks, which can fully meet the needs of customers. Pickups once again won the award in 2008 and obtained 11 consecutive sales in the industry. The achievement of good market performance is the best reward for our long-term enrichment of product categories, diversified development and the pursuit of excellent quality.”

“In January, we entered the top ten for commercial vehicle sales for the first time. The sales momentum in February was even better. The daily sales of No. 1 to No. 10 were maintained at more than 200 units, making the production pressure higher than the sales pressure. This is a worthwhile. It was a happy start, but that was only the beginning.” Bi Juhua said that on March 1, the state will soon start offering a one-time subsidy policy for farmers to pay for three-wheeled vehicles and low-speed trucks to buy light goods vehicles. This is both a means of production and a life. The pickup of data is a great opportunity. To this end, the Great Wall decided to launch more affordable pickups that are more suitable for rural and secondary and tertiary markets, including the 2.4L small double-steam gasoline version, the 2.2L Fengjun Business Edition and the Fengjun single-row model. The Great Wall pickup family will be available in the future. Based on 23 varieties, we will fill in 3 more models in order to continue to expand market share and secure the position of the pickup truck for 12 consecutive years.

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