Reinshaw presented a number of the latest technology products at CIMT 2007. One of the lightweight laser interferometer measurement systems, the XL-80, was developed for ultra-precise measurement and calibration needs to easily meet and exceed actual industry specifications. According to Chris Luhman, technical manager of the company's Far East Region, the XL-80 offers a maximum measurement speed of 4m/s and a recording rate of 50kHz. It is not only smaller than the existing model, but also easy to carry around with accuracy. Further improvement, the system accuracy can reach plus or minus 0.5ppm (linear mode) and 1 nanometer resolution.
Chris Luhman also introduced a new economical semi-automatic head RTP20 that provides CMM users with an economical, entry-level "maneuverable" head. The “automatic” positioning function of the RTP20 manual measuring head is achieved by an innovative method, which uses the motion of the coordinate measuring machine to control the sleeve at the bottom of the measuring head to “engage” with the position rod on the machine table, and complete the measurement by the movement of the measuring machine. Seat position change and lock/unlock function.
Chris Luhman said that since the establishment of Renishaw (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. in February last year, the trading company is still expanding its branches in various regional markets in China, and is fully committed to technical support, maintenance, and spare parts replacement. Strengthen localization services for China.

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