The 2006 Beijing Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Exhibition, hosted by the Beijing Municipal Government and undertaken by Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, was opened on June 13 at the National Agricultural Exhibition Center. The theme of this exhibition is "Saving and Developing", focusing on promoting national laws and regulations on energy saving and environmental protection, displaying and purchasing energy saving and environmental protection technologies, equipment and products, and serving the central government agencies, government procurement of energy saving in Beijing and procurement of green Olympics. US Department of Energy International Energy Cooperation Division officials and the German government departments also organized enterprises to participate in this exhibition, including heat pump central air conditioning system has become the focus of attention at the show. The Xiaobian focused on introducing you to several water source heat pump products.

Water source heat pump is a kind of energy-efficient air-conditioning system that can use both the surface of the earth or shallow water (such as groundwater, rivers and lakes), or artificial regeneration of water (industrial wastewater, geothermal tail water, etc.) Water source heat pump technology using heat pump units to achieve low-temperature heat transfer to high temperature, the water body and the formation of storage in winter and summer as a heating source of heat and air-conditioning cold source, that is, in winter, the heat in the water and formation "take" Come out, increase the temperature, the supply of indoor heating; Summer, the indoor heat taken out, released into the water and strata. This type of product fully in line with the world's "energy saving" theme.
Water source heat pump unit SHKF series Features:

High efficiency and energy saving: The water source heat pump unit has greatly improved working conditions of cooling and heating, low condensing temperature in summer and no frost in winter. The unit energy efficiency (COP) is 70-90% higher than that of air-cooled heat pump units. Significant savings in operating costs. More importantly, when the system uses solar energy, the winter can be completely without the hot water boiler, completely saving the fuel consumption of the boiler, making winter air conditioning running costs savings of up to 75%.

The use of solar energy: water source heat pump units of cold, heat source of low-grade, local conditions can make use of solar energy, solar thermal storage equipment can provide heat to the water source heat pump units. Such as: through solar collectors, the use of natural water made of inverted temperature solar pool, rivers and lakes and other water, central air conditioning system allows the central hot water boiler without configuration, completely eliminate the central air-conditioning hot water boiler energy consumption, significantly lower Central air-conditioning system operating costs.

Heat recovery: In the spring and autumn transition season, in some large air-conditioned places, sometimes the outer area needs heating while the inner area needs cooling. According to the conventional design of central air conditioning system, four control system should be used, namely a heating pipe system, a set of cooling pipe system, at the same time, the cooling host and the heating host must be running at the same time. As the water source heat pump unit of water source carrier sharing, the most convenient way to achieve waste heat recovery, the inner part of the unit cooling operation to the water body heat, some of the outer part of the heating operation of the water from the body to absorb heat in order to achieve waste heat recovery can be substantial savings Consumption and air conditioning operating costs.

Waste heat recovery and utilization: As the water source heat pump unit in winter running on the heat source of low-grade, only 15 ~ 25 ℃ low grade heat source water, is conducive to the recovery of waste heat.

Household metering: As the water source heat pump unit using zero installation, air conditioning energy consumption is mainly air-conditioning end-user energy, as users are independent of the meter, the meter by the user. Water system energy consumption, air conditioning users can be divided by the amount of electricity consumption, household measurement accuracy. Reasonable billing, property management convenience.

No visual pollution: villas, apartments and other high-end communities and office buildings, office buildings, etc., often used split air conditioners, outdoor air-conditioning flow everywhere, disorganized, resulting in visual pollution and reduce community image. The water source heat pump unit indoor and outdoor units can be installed indoors, outside the building without air-conditioning outdoor unit, completely eliminate visual pollution.

Investment Province: Compared with the large central air-conditioning, without the engine room, saving engine room and engine room construction costs. Air conditioning water pipe system without insulation, project investment province.

Can be staged investment: As water source heat pump unit system end equipment completely independent, so users can install installment according to need, installment investment.

Reduce the distribution capacity: As water source heat pump unit energy efficiency, the air conditioning power consumption greatly reduced, compared with air-cooled heat pump units, transformer capacity can be reduced by about 30%, saving electricity investment.

Variety of models: The unit's air handler with ceiling, horizontal concealed, horizontal outfit, embedded and other forms to choose from to meet the needs of individual users.

Convenient control: The microcomputer intelligent control, the implementation of the independent control of each room and regulation.

Easy maintenance: The system is simple and the failure rate is low. Each unit operates independently. The failure of a single unit does not affect the overall situation and does not require system-wide downtime maintenance.

Applies to the renovation of old buildings: In the process of renovation of the old building, without damaging the original building structure, safe and reliable.

Utilization of geothermal energy: Utilization of geothermal resources in places where groundwater resources are abundant makes it the best source of cooling for air-conditioning and the heat source for heat pumps, because deep groundwater is almost constant throughout the year, resulting in a significant increase in unit efficiency and a reduction in user operating costs 50%. More importantly, you can completely save the air-conditioning cooling towers and boilers, to maximize savings in air-conditioning project investment.

Water source heat pump with heat recovery chiller 40ST


Cooling range: 1152.9KW ~ 3769.6KW, heating range: 1399.2KW ~ 4579.2KW, cold water outlet temperature of 7 ℃ ~ 12 ℃.

1, a multi-purpose machine, widely used, water source heat pump system both cooling, heating, but also to provide hot water, to achieve full and effective use of energy;

2, high efficiency and energy saving, COP value of up to 6.2, energy saving than the average 30% to 80%;

3, safe, reliable, fairly stable water temperature to ensure unit operation more stable;

4, green, heating without boiler system, cooling without water towers, to achieve zero emissions without pollution;

5, small size, small footprint;

6, the unit uses touch screen microcomputer control system, easy to operate, more reliable operation.

Edit Comment: The unit a multi-purpose machine to reduce investment; energy efficient; safe and reliable; the latest touch-screen microcomputer control, the user can charge independently, independently adjust the water temperature, room temperature, start and stop the time adjustment or remote monitoring.

Water source heat pump unit SRSW-40-1
Clement water source heat pump unit

Features: Clement temperature to the central air conditioning (water source heat pump central air conditioning) is to ground (groundwater) as the main energy, fear of electricity, through advanced equipment will be inexhaustible underground but not easy to use low energy development and utilization , Making it available high energy. It can not only meet the winter heating, cooling requirements in summer, but also simultaneously solve the supply of sanitary hot water, fully demonstrated its one machine with three functional features. Due to the use of geothermal energy, under normal circumstances, the input 1kW power can be more than 5kW cold or 4kW above the heat, so the ground temperature central air conditioning operating costs significantly lower than the traditional heating and cooling.

Editor's Summary: Water source heat pump central air-conditioning is one of the most energy-saving and environmental protection central air-conditioning system on the market. It has the heating, cooling, domestic hot water supply triple role, no visual pollution, reduce distribution capacity, reduce waste of resources, etc., for a wide area. In recent years, water source heat pump air conditioning system has been in our understanding and recognition of industry knowledge, and many regions continue to emerge a lot of successful projects. Today, as "eco-friendly skills" are strongly advocated, every user has a responsibility to contribute to it. What are you waiting for?

Features: Cooling capacity: 142.8; water source heat pump central air conditioning system can lake, river water, groundwater and geothermal tail water resources, with the compressor, and consume some movies in the winter, the low-energy energy in the water "take" out; in Summer, the indoor heat taken out, released into the water, to achieve the purpose of air conditioning. Adhering to the highly efficient, environmentally friendly, intelligent and reliable design concept, absorbing the latest technologies of air conditioning and refrigeration both at home and abroad, Taizhou has developed high performance water source heat pump units based on the specific usage in China.

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