On March 13, Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang stated in a collective interview with Chinese and foreign reporters of the two sessions that major large-scale oil and gas fields and CBM development, control and treatment of water pollution, and other major technical projects identified in China’s medium and long-term science and technology development plan have officially started. The innovative environment continues to improve. The reporter learned from the interview that the representatives of the two associations and members of the chemical industry have expressed great concern about the independent innovation of the industry, and the power of independent innovation of the industry has been greatly enhanced.
According to Wan Gang, China's mid- and long-term scientific and technological development plans are progressing smoothly. Major projects such as the development of large-scale aircraft, large-scale oil and gas fields, coalbed methane development, water pollution treatment, and the creation of major new drugs have been approved by the State Council's executive meeting and formally launched. Other major projects have basically completed the preparation and demonstration of the plan and will be fully launched this year. The corporate innovation environment has greatly improved. At the end of December last year, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress passed the revised "Science and Technology Progress Law" involving the duties, obligations, rights and interests of the scientific and technical workers, and also established corporate independent innovation in taxation. Some preferential policies in respect of other aspects, including the first, the first set of equipment procurement and other supporting policies. A strategic alliance of production, education and research, which is composed of multiple companies, is playing a role.
He also disclosed that during the two sessions, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued a notice of long-term stable support to key national laboratories, and scientists in key laboratories could fully realize the autonomy of technological innovation. According to report, in recent years, the Ministry of Science and Technology has established a number of national key laboratories in major national demand areas and emerging cross-disciplinary fields, including the State Key Laboratory of Chemical Resources Effective Utilization at Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and energy at Zhejiang University. The State Key Laboratory of Clean Utilization, the State Key Laboratory of Metastable Materials Preparation and Science at Yanshan University, etc.
At present, the independent innovation capability of China's petroleum and chemical industries is constantly increasing. Last year, the industry made a total of 191 annual science and technology awards, of which 8 received the National Science and Technology Award. A number of independent innovation technologies have been applied. However, the inefficient use of energy resources, excessive discharge of pollutants, and low level of product competition are still bottlenecks that restrict the development of the industry. At the two conferences, representatives from the oil and chemical industry and members said that independent innovation is an important way to achieve industrial upgrading, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, improve the efficiency of resource and energy utilization, and achieve pollution reduction targets.

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