Dow's epoxy resin project built in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park uses Dow LER's proprietary technology, which differs significantly from the existing domestic LER production process. After the general reaction of domestic LER production is completed, first the toluene is used to extract the epoxy resin, then the toluene and epoxy resin are separated, and then the excess reaction raw materials and brine are separated to produce high-concentration salt-containing wastewater. Not only the wastewater volume is large, but also the wastewater contains Salt, toluene, aging, resins and other inorganic and organic pollutants are very difficult to deal with, wastewater pollution is more serious, it has become a major obstacle to the further development of the epoxy resin industry.
After the completion of the reaction, Dow Technology first uses Dow's proprietary technology for dehydration. After dewatering, the salt is insoluble in the organic phase and precipitates. This facilitates separation, avoids the production of high-salt waste water, minimizes waste water, and has no aging resin or toluene in the waste water. Waste water treatment is less difficult; the precipitated salt is separated and dissolved, purified to obtain sodium chloride solution as a by-product, and Tianyuan Caustic Soda Plant is used as a raw material to achieve the purpose of waste utilization and circular economy.

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