In recent years, as the climate in southern China has become more hot and rainy, some companies have adopted the method of night-stealing and draining in order to reduce the cost of pollution control, causing environmental pollution in some areas and attracting attention from relevant parties. In order to thoroughly investigate the situation of polluting companies, from June 6th, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Zhejiang Shengzhou deployed and launched the "Blue Sky Clear Water" environmental enforcement action. So far, many illegal companies have been ordered to make corrections.
On the night of June 6, the Enforcement Inspection Team of the Zhuozhou Environmental Protection Bureau entered Zhejiang Guoguang Biochemical Co., Ltd. and saw that the company's wastewater treatment station staff was using a large amount of tap water to flush into the coagulation sedimentation tank for dilution and discharge, and the outlet water quality was relatively clear. When the inspectors left for the first time, and returned to the raid inspection again after 40 minutes, they found that there was a lot of foam in the discharge outlet, and a number of indicators of the monitored wastewater seriously exceeded the standard. In addition, the exhaust gas of the company's bacterial protein liquid concentration and drying device is discharged through the sunroof and the exhaust fan. The waste gas absorption and treatment facilities are in name only, and odor pollution is very serious. The environmental protection department has ordered the plant's bacterial protein concentrate concentrating and drying device to completely stop production, and investigated and punished the problem of waste water dilution discharge and excessive discharge.
When the law enforcement officers checked the Zhejiang Ailide Chemical Co., Ltd., they discovered that there was a problem with leakage of the formaldehyde reactor. The smell of formaldehyde that was seriously excessively discharged was obviously dazzling, and it could not be entered into the workshop for inspection. Law enforcement officers immediately ordered the plant to stop production for rectification immediately. In addition, Zhejiang Fujit Silicon Materials Co., Ltd. was ordered to strengthen management due to the continuous leakage of hydrogen chloride gas and any dumping of industrial solid waste. The chemical waste gas pollution of the relevant enterprises of Ganzhou Jianhua (Nanhang) Industrial Co., Ltd. was also ordered to be rectified within a time limit.
It is understood that the “blue sky clear water” environmental law enforcement action in Ganzhou City will be conducted in a centralized and decentralized manner, combined with routine and surprise strikes, daytime and nighttime, and the involved companies will be examined one by one. Law enforcement actions will continue until the end of this month.