Construction site workers real-name system management access control online
Recently, construction workers managed to access the door on the real name system. The platform can record the information of migrant workers in and out of the construction site, attendance, wages and other information in real time. When there is a labor dispute, this information can be used as a factual basis; with the real-name management platform, a wage account can be established, and a bank wage system can be implemented to prevent the occurrence of wage arrears. It can also display information such as the skill level of migrant workers, which is equivalent to making electronic resumes for them, which helps migrant workers with frequent mobility to find suitable jobs.
In the “two-level separation” mode of management and labor, the reform of the real-name system of labor mainly involves the interests of five main entities: general contracting enterprises, labor subcontracting enterprises, construction team leaders, team leaders and labor operators.
Construction workers real-name system management access control advantages:
First, continue to promote the reform of the labor service system and take the development path of professional teams. “Incorporating professional operation enterprises into the management of “small and micro enterprises” is the long-term reform direction of labor service enterprises, which is conducive to reducing the management level. The general contracting enterprises directly issue contract, implement management and establish real-name system materials for the contract team. In addition, construction companies should be encouraged to recruit their own workers and establish a team of industrial chemical workers.
The second is to promote the pricing model for refined labor services. “Ping meters are dry” and “unit price is dead” is the main cause of labor disputes and settlement disputes, and also an important reason for construction captains and labor companies to resist real-name system. Promoting the pricing model of fine labor service package and clarifying the profit of the labor force will not only benefit the fine management of the enterprise, but also benefit the quality and safety management of the project.
Real-name system hierarchical authorization management system
Salary management: Ensure that the workload and wages are confirmed by both employers and employees to ensure that wages are paid to workers.
The real name system solves the problems in labor management through five core functions:
Roster: Organize workers into the field with an easy-to-use process, keep the criminals out of the door, and get a list of people in time.
Communication platform: on-site inspection of workers, on-site tasks directly to the sub-package group.
Supplier management: Obtain real labor subcontracting or team information and accumulate quality supplier resources.
Attendance management: use advanced technology to ensure the authenticity and ease of use of the sign-in, and eliminate the signing.
Construction workers' real name management and access control application value
1. Prevention of labor disputes
The real-name system uses a simple admission process to ensure that workers can be included in the real-name management system, which is a valid proof of whether labor and management have labor relations. Advanced technologies such as face recognition ensure the authenticity of attendance and effectively prevent false sign-in. In the salary management, the contractor/project manager and the worker double-confirm the workload and sign the photo, save the electronic information, and retain the evidence, which can avoid the objection between the employer and the employee in the quality and quantity of the work. When paying wages, the workers handwritten electronic receipts and photographed to ensure the rights of both workers and the company, which can effectively reduce the company’s arrears of wages and prevent illegal workers from paying wages.
2. Master the project site anytime, anywhere
Through the real-name hierarchical authorization system, workers' attendance information, work orders and salary distributions are uploaded to the cloud in real time. Project management personnel and enterprise management personnel can timely grasp the specific conditions of workers entering and leaving the market, and ensure the accuracy of on-site attendance and salary distribution. Authenticity.
3. Reduce project labor costs
At present, the labor subcontracting team mostly uses the number of false report personnel and the method of forging the attendance report to falsely report the labor cost. The project department and the company lack monitoring means, and the real data of labor costs are in the hands of the contractor and the team leader.
After using the real-name access control system, it increases the difficulty of false report personnel and false report attendance, which is conducive to obtaining real labor costs and forming the basis for enterprise labor quotas.
4. Accumulate quality service providers
At present, labor subcontracting units and team information are mainly in the hands of project staff. After the project is over, high-quality labor suppliers cannot effectively retain and cannot be effectively shared within the enterprise.
After using real-name access control, enterprises can not only obtain real labor subcontracting team information, but also obtain real team information. Under the environment of increasing the overall employment cost of the society, cultivating a group of stable and reliable labor teams is conducive to reducing the cost of the supplier of the project, effectively eliminating bad suppliers and reducing the price of labor contracts.

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