Thanks to its efficient loading and unloading efficiency and flexible walking method, the multi-purpose wheeled excavator has become a model that has entered thousands of households, whether it is in the southern mountain forest farm or in the plains in the north. Wood machines play an irreplaceable role.

But even such a popular wheeled wood grab model still has its own unknown operating misunderstandings and safety precautions.

Baoding 95 grab wood machine

As we all know, the front and rear axles of wheeled excavators not only play a decisive role in supporting the entire body, but also can use their own structure to cushion the impact force from the working device during the work of the whole vehicle, but remember the wheeled wood grabber When working, the bridge must be the main one. The front axle has more steering function than the rear axle, and there are more knuckle bearings. The momentary torque of the wooden work will cause more damage to the front axle, so it is more load-bearing. In large operations, the role of the blade and the rear leg will become more apparent, not only for safety, but also for the damage caused by the front axle of the vehicle.

Baoding BD95W-9A grab wood machine

In addition, the front axle knuckle position is easy to enter the gravel and other particulate matter, which will cause damage to the half shaft joint in the knuckle. Some experienced operators know that many connections in the axle are bearings. The form is connected, and the bearing capacity of the steering position will be weaker than other positions. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the returning state of the front wheel when working in the wood grab machine, and in the case of complicated road conditions during driving. Don't rush to drive, which will also cause indelible damage to the front axle.

Wheel grabber steering front axle

At the end of the work, the direction must be corrected and the brake air chamber is sufficient before walking. This is also to reduce the impact of the front wheel steering axle on the start of the wheeled wood grab model. Fill the butter with the grease mouth and check if the bolts and nuts of the whole car are loose. Here, especially if the bolts on the chassis axle of the chassis are loose.

Wheeled wood grabber front and rear axle

The maintenance of the brake system of the wheeled wood grabber is also a top priority. This will directly affect the safety of life and property, the inspection and maintenance of the brake system, and the maintenance of the four-wheel drive will greatly reduce the chance of brake failure. The above is about the operation and maintenance safety precautions that should be paid attention to during the work and walking of the wheeled wood grabber. I would also like to thank those who choose Baoding to grab the wood machine. I wish all the bosses are prosperous and prosperous! (This article is from Baoding)

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