The forest fire-proof and wind-solar complementary monitoring power supply system consists of a forest monitoring center, a wireless transmission system, and a front-end monitoring point. The forest site can not take power, the monitoring point uses solar power to ensure the stable transmission of the whole system, and the image is transmitted to the monitoring center through the wireless transmission system. Through the remote wireless monitoring system, the forest fire prevention management center can monitor the forest fire situation in real time. , to find the fire in time, to prevent fire.
The forest fire-proof and wind-solar complementary monitoring power supply system uses wind energy and solar energy as the main power source for the intelligent video surveillance system. With the efficient and maintenance-free lead-acid or gel battery energy storage system, the Starlight+Network HD dome machine is powered by new energy.
The smart video surveillance system features a powerful movement, 31x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom. And support fluorite cloud cloud platform, compatible with PC and mobile, remote monitoring anytime, anywhere.
With intelligent video module and powerful data processing capability of the computer, 360° mobile zooming or zooming zoom system, SSD fogging technology and adaptive three-spectrum imaging can quickly and accurately locate outdoor, park, factory and road. The target monitoring area, by judging the abnormal situation in the monitoring screen for pre-warning processing, is a fully automatic, all-weather, real-time monitoring wind and solar hybrid monitoring power supply system.
More importantly, the front-end monitoring system does not require staff to be on duty, and the back-end can be used to realize remote video surveillance, intelligent monitoring, and anytime and anywhere monitoring of an efficient monitoring system through the PC or mobile phone. It is an Internet + era advocated application. system.
The forest fire prevention and scenery complementary monitoring power supply system achieves five major effects:
1. The monitoring and early warning management experiment is pre-issued, solved early and effectively pre-controlled, and can be comprehensively displayed on the GIS map.
2. Automatic identification of pyrotechnics
When a suspected fire spot is found on the image, an alarm is automatically issued immediately, and the monitoring personnel are notified, and the colleague automatically tracks and interactively confirms the fire on the GIS map.
3. Real-time collection of meteorological monitoring points
Real-time dynamic acquisition, processing and storage of meteorological data such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed, etc., and real-time display on the map.
4. Night market wear fog function
It can penetrate dust, smoke, rain, snow and darkness. The minimum temperature is 50mk, the image detail enhancement function is added, and the hot white/hot black/pseudo color image is output.
5. Forest perimeter security
Relying on equipment and super-environmental adaptability and high-precision intelligent alarms, the forest perimeter monitoring and prevention is realized. When the suspicious target triggers the set intelligent rules, the alarm will be triggered immediately.
24 hours a day, the forest area resources can be monitored in real time by large-scale and large-field vision. It can automatically alarm the open fire or smoke in the forest area, and can locate the location of the fire point. This way, it can solve the problem due to artificial forest protection and artificial The problem of inadequate forest fire prevention caused by damage.

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