A car is one of the vehicles that people usually travel and can't do without it. To ensure that the car runs normally, daily maintenance is indispensable. In addition to ensuring that the car runs normally, it is also important to ensure that the car can brake properly. Checking brake fluid is a critical part of routine maintenance. What is the role of automotive brake fluid?


The brake fluid we call, also known as the brake fluid of the car, is an indispensable "blood" of the brake system of the vehicle. It is a kind of pressure that transmits pressure in the brake system of the vehicle, so that the brake system on the wheel can realize the braking action. Functional liquid, its main function is to transfer energy, heat, anti-corrosion and rust and lubrication.

It is also because the brake oil is also transmitting the brake pressure, so the brake oil also has the following characteristics:

1. Can adapt to a variety of harsh environments, such as high temperature or high pressure or low temperature and damp heat, etc., in these environments can normally complete their work, to ensure the transmission of braking force!

2. Because the brake oil is in the environment, the brake oil is also not corrosive to metal or non-metallic materials!

3. It can lubricate other parts of the brake system.


4. Since the brake braking process is also converted into thermal energy by kinetic energy, the heat energy is also partially dissipated into the air, and the other part is also transferred to the brake fluid! It is also required that the brake oil has a very high boiling point to avoid Brake oil boils during the braking process of the car, which in turn affects the brake pressure transmission!

Note on using brake oil:

1. When the brake oil is in an emergency, alcohol or high-alcohol can be used for temporary use. After use, clean the brake system as soon as possible, and change the brake oil as soon as possible!

2. Brake oil also has a shelf life, usually about 2 years, can be replaced after running 50,000, the north and south are also different, air humidity is also related, can shorten the life!

The maintenance of brake fluid is very important. If it is not handled properly, it will cause many adverse effects on the entire brake system, which will bring many hidden dangers to the safety of driving. The role of car brake oil is introduced here.

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