It was learned from the Weihai Agricultural Machinery Bureau that in 2017, the Rongcheng City Agricultural Machinery Bureau will vigorously promote the mechanization of the entire grain production process, aiming at the weaknesses and shortcomings in the mechanization of agricultural production, continue to speed up the construction of socialized agricultural service, increase the support for policy funds, and fully support the full trusteeship. New agricultural business entities such as service providers, family farms, and large grain producers, as well as the construction of grain drying points at village-level collective economic organizations. Based on state subsidies, the government will use local financial funds for additional subsidies, and strive to continue to introduce more than 5 sets of new low-temperature cycle grain drying equipment, create 3 grain drying demonstration bases, and truly realize the “one-stop” full mechanization operation mode. Large-scale land management and large grain producers provide advanced and applicable mechanical support.

The first is to increase the financial support for the project. Actively optimize and integrate the funds for agricultural mechanization projects, and prioritize large grain producers and agricultural cooperatives to purchase grain drying equipment, and provide “one-stop” full-service services from application to installation and commissioning for users who purchase dryers.

The second is to increase the intensity of drying technology training. Through the organization of the chairman of the Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives and the participation of large grain producers in the province and city's food drying technology training classes and outbound inspections, the company learned various types of drying equipment and drying technologies for various brands, and increased the number of drying machines for agricultural workers. The understanding of dry machinery, improve the operating skills and level of equipment.

The third is to increase the efforts to promote new drying equipment. Regular visits to grass-roots level visits are conducted periodically to compare experimental results with new implements, to ensure the selection of equipment types, and to listen patiently to the needs and suggestions of the farmers for the machinery and to form accurate agricultural machine data information.

The fourth is to increase service model innovation. Large grain producers and agro-machinery cooperatives, which have large land area, will actively develop grain drying equipment, rely on agricultural machinery cooperatives and large grain producers to establish drying demonstration sites, support professional large families and cooperatives to establish food drying stations, and encourage grain storage and storage. Processing enterprises, cooperative organizations, and large grain producers carry out various forms of food drying and socialization services. While solving their own problems of food storage and storage, they are also responsible for properly collecting drying service fees and providing paid services to neighboring farmers.
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This is baisc parts for Starter Motor, including starter front housing and starter rear housing
the present invention relates to a housing assembly structure of a starter motor for a vehicle
gear reduction housing assembly

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Starter Motor Housing

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