RFID is an abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), which is one of the fastest growing high-tech technologies in the 21st century. With the combination with traditional computer networks, RFID technology has shown great potential for market application. It is said For the "Internet of things" and "second generation Internet." Compared with the traditional barcode, magnetic card and IC card, electronic tags with non-contact, read speed, wear-free, environmentally friendly, long life, easy to use features and has anti-collision function, can handle multiple Electronic tags. Abroad, RFID technology has been widely used in many fields such as industrial automation, commercial automation, logistics supply chain management, transportation control management, asset management and so on.

At present, the grid company's RFID middleware system generally adopts the SOA-based pattern development and integrates the PAI interface provided by the manufacturer of the RFID read-write device in the middleware into the middleware system by various means such as IP address, port setting Etc., it is convenient for the RFID device to read and write the identification data, meanwhile, the collected data is effectively filtered, processed and transmitted by the identification service, and finally stored in the middleware database. Middleware can also be used to monitor the role of RFID devices to check the operation of RFID devices. In addition, the use of RFID middleware can be easily implemented with ERP systems such as data interface and data exchange.

At present, the power grid enterprises generally apply the evaluation and decision-making system of asset safety management to carry out the evaluation of the outcome indicators. The system mainly draws data from PMS system and SAP system, but lacks the information of on-the-spot physical data. Through the middleware system of RFID and on-site collecting equipment, it collects the physical identification data and real-time information through the interface to the asset safety management and evaluation decision-making system So as to realize the vertical closed loop that matches the accounts, cards and objects in real sense and provide more accurate data on asset operation status for asset safety management.

Application of RFID Technology in Power Network Asset Management

Collection equipment selection

RFID technology used in power grid asset tracking management will use a large number of handheld collection terminal on-site physical identification of information collection, due to the electromagnetic field environment, you need to consider the terminal equipment, anti-jamming, read and write distance, stability, reliability and other factors .

Anti-interference factors

Substation equipment in the operating environment, will have a power frequency electric field and power frequency magnetic field, power frequency electromagnetic field interference is low-frequency induction field interference. Because the signal inside the hand-held terminal does not use the earth as the return path, the electromagnetic protection design of the reader should be considered in the hand-held terminal design.

Read and write distance

Grid physical identification installation location are generally flat on the base of the device flat iron, and left a certain height of the ground to facilitate the operator to read and write data, therefore, handheld read and write distance away from the assets to reduce the walking distance of inspectors and reduce work intensity , To improve the inspection efficiency is of great significance.

3. Handheld battery life

220kV and above substation covers a larger area, more equipment, and logo implementation of the installation of a long time, therefore, the handheld battery must have a longer life, and automatically save the data after power down to ensure that staff work in the field without worries .

Physical identification performance

RFID physical identification bar code does not have the waterproof, antimagnetic, high temperature, long service life, read a large distance, the data can be encrypted, the amount of stored data, the stored information can be modified, etc., has been widely used in power grid asset tracking management on. Therefore, for asset tracking management basically use ISO18000-6B metal logo. Power grid equipment perennial outdoor and high temperature environment, the logo design and material selection should take full account of UV protection, read and write distance, multi-tag reading and other factors.

Read and write distance

In the substation UHF electromagnetic environment, the metal surface has a shielding effect on the electromagnetic wave. When the antenna inside the mark is close to the metal surface, the performance of the antenna may be obviously deteriorated. After the field application test, the signal will drastically degrade after attaching the grounding flat iron surface, and the reading and writing distance will be reduced by 50% ~ 70%. Therefore, the problem of reading and writing distance should be taken into consideration when designing the logo, packaging and labeling materials .

2. Anti-UV

anti-UV. At present, the UHF passive electronic identification packaging shell commonly used ABS material, the logo has been installed on the return visit, long-term electronic logo in the substation wind and sun, easy to fade, therefore, in the identification of shell packaging to add anti-UV materials.

hydraulic block valve 100L/min


Max. Flow: 100L/min

Pressure: 310Bar

GKV100 series

GKV100 proportional valve is a stackable valve with interchangeable control styles.

Electro-Hydraulic pilot valves can be either 12 VDC or 24 VDC,corresponding current is 0-1.5 or 0-0.75Amp.


This series can provide following functions:

- Inlet module with pilot supply.

- Inlet module without pilot supply.

- A/B Port with overload valve on main section

- A Port with overload valve on main section

- B Port with overload valve on main section

- A/B Port with P.O. check

- A Port with P.O. check

- B Port with P.O. check

- End Cap with oil return function

- End Cap without oil return function

We can also choose other cartridges according to your requirement.

Valve Block

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