Wireless bridge has been widely used in wireless monitoring. Fengrunda wireless bridge has the characteristics of long transmission distance, high throughput, and strong anti-interference. It has two frequency bands, 2.4G and 5.8G, and supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint remote. Access, can be used for outdoor monitoring, elevator monitoring, building network and other places.
If you choose a bridge device, you need to install it properly to use it and make the most of it. How do you install it? In fact, only 7 steps.
first step
Buy spare parts and other equipment, such as PoE power adapters, metal steel rings, mounting brackets (triangular brackets or elevation brackets), etc., and check whether it is complete.
Second step
Before installation, first install the pole in the room according to the instructions, set the parameters for the bridge, and then install the pole outside the room. Set the connection, connect the network cable to the WAN port of the bridge, and connect the other end to the PoE port of the PoE power adapter. The LAN port can be connected to the computer network port.
Note: The PoE port of the power adapter is used to power on and communicate with the bridge. The LAN port is used to connect computers or routers.
third step
After the setting is completed, remove the network cable connected to the computer, connect it to the gateway or switch in the previous stage, and take the bridge to an outdoor fixed location for pole installation.
the fourth step
Use a triangular bracket to install the bridge, first install the U-shaped coil on the holding pole through the nut, and then use the coil to fix the bridge, and the bridge can be adjusted up and down.
the fifth step
The use of an elevation bracket for mounting can be used for wall hanging or holding poles. When wall-mounted, expansion screws are used to fix the brackets on the wall. The bridge is fixed on the bracket by a coil, and the angle of the bridge can be adjusted through the bracket.
Step 6
When the pole is installed, the bracket can be fixed on the pole by a coil, and then the bridge can be fixed.
Step 7
After completing the center-side bridge, use the same method to connect the other end of the bridge network cable to the network camera.

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