Bag filter is more mature market products, and the production of bag filter manufacturers technology is uneven, some manufacturers due to immature technology, many manufacturers produce bag filter dust removal efficiency and can not get another satisfactory result. For the dust removal system, no matter how good the product under certain conditions, but also by some factors. According to our many years of dust collector production experience, for the design of dust collector, summarizes several major dust removal efficiency factors.

The main influencing factors are:

First, the nature of dust. The dust removal efficiency of the bag filter is directly related to the size, heavyness, shape, electrostatic effect and dust concentration of the dust particles. According to experts in Dongguan environmental protection for larger particles, heavier, irregular shape and electrostatic effect of dust, the dust removal efficiency is higher.

Second, dust bag performance.

Cloth performance on the dust removal efficiency and resistance have a greater impact. Cloth material should meet the following conditions:

1, to stop the passage of small dust, the interwoven weft and weft holes should be small, and latitude and longitude lines to fine, in order to increase the effective area of ​​screening, reducing resistance;

2, the fabric of long hair and flexible, so that it can cover the eye, and has a certain intensity;

3, in order to facilitate the use of reverse air flow cleaning, fabric villi in contact with dusty air side.

Third, the impact of filtration speed

The lower the filtration rate, the easier it is to form a primary dust layer with a small particle diameter and a large porosity. The more it can trap fine dust particles, the higher the filtration speed is, the more the dust particles penetrate the filter material and the lower the filtration efficiency. Of course, the phenomenon of penetration can also be overcome by choosing the right filter. In addition, some filters, filter speed changes within a certain range, the dust removal efficiency is almost unaffected.

Fourth, the effect of dust layer on the filter. Bag filter put into operation at the beginning of the new filter is no dust layer, the ability to capture dust is low, with the filter powder process, the dust layer is gradually formed, the dust removal efficiency increased accordingly, when the dust layer is fully formed , Filtration efficiency up to 99%, for less than 1μm fine dust particles also have a good capture effect.

Fifth, air leakage and resistance:

In theory, the dust removal efficiency of the bag filter is up to 99%, but not reached in the actual measurement, mainly due to air leakage and resistance. The lower the air leakage rate, the better the dust removal effect. The resistance has some influence on the dust removal electrostatic precipitator. Empty the filter bag, reduce the resistance, can enhance the dust removal effect. Dust cover should be as close as possible to the burner, the dust easier to enter the hood, increase the amount of dust collection, reduce emissions of unorganized emissions.

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