Today, from the central government to local governments, we are vigorously supporting the development of creative industries. The creative industry's pulling of the economy is unquestionable. The creative industry is a sustainable high value-added green industry, and China's development cannot be separated from original design. The lighting industry is a sunrise industry, and the market competition is increasingly fierce. Lighting companies face various competitions, and only design innovations are made on the basis of ensuring the quality of products, catering to the rising consumer demand of the 80s and 90s, eliminating The homogenization of the embarrassment, there is a chance to be invincible. Consumption concept after 80/90 With the gradual improvement of living standards, the concept of consumption is constantly changing. Especially after 80, 90 became the main consumer, due to the special growth background and environment, they have a clear and clear understanding of their own consumption needs. For example, in addition to meeting the lighting needs, the luminaires must also conform to the effect of decorating and beautifying the living room. They are more diversified, personalized, and customized products, so original design is still the main way for lighting fixtures to fit into the future market. Designers understand consumer demand It is understood that China's industrial design has entered the personalized demand market of 4.0, and China's production equipment is still at the level of 2.0. For how to meet the customized needs of the market, designers need to complete. In the long run, lighting production needs to cater to the needs of consumers and slowly guide consumers. However, from the discovery of demand to the satisfaction of demand to the creation of demand is a process. As demand, technology and products continue to upgrade, designers play a vital role. Wu Hao, creative director of Chengdu Supai Creative Design Co., Ltd. pointed out that the interior designer group is at the forefront of the market, and the awareness of the needs of the consumer groups is relatively the most accurate. So the design of the luminaire is beautiful and reasonable, and has a great relationship with the designer's pursuit of beauty. In the process of luminaire design, in order to optimize the aesthetic function of the luminaire, the designer needs to constantly adjust the appearance of the luminaire. The successful luminaire design, its external form can perfectly express the intrinsic function, so that the consumer's satisfaction with the product function is satisfied with the product's external form. Op Lighting New Asian Fashion--A moment

Side Single Axis Brushless Winding Machine

⑦ Inspection of insulation. The insulation ability of insulating materials varies with the degree of drying, so it is very important to keep the motor winding dry. The working environment of winding machine is humid and corrosive gas exists in the working room, which will damage the electrical insulation. The most common fault is the winding grounding fault, that is, insulation damage, which makes the live part collide with the metal part such as the shell that should not be live. This kind of fault not only affects the normal work of the winding machine, but also endangers personal safety. Therefore, the winding machine in use, should often check the insulation resistance, but also pay attention to check the winding machine casing grounding is reliable.

⑧ In addition to the regular maintenance of the winding machine according to the above contents, it should be overhauled once a year after operation. The purpose of overhaul is to conduct a thorough and comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the winding machine, supplement the missing and worn components of the winding machine, thoroughly eliminate the dust and dirt inside and outside the winding machine, check the insulation, clean the bearing and check its wear. Find problems and deal with them in time. Generally speaking, as long as the correct use, proper maintenance, find fault timely processing, winding machine working life is very long.

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