Hitachi Construction Machinery launched the ZX330-3 model in China in March 2007. It is equipped with the Isuzu AH-6HK1X engine and high pressure common rail injection system with both environmental performance and powerful power. The exhaust emission complies with Japan, the United States, and Europe. For the third time, the fuel consumption has been reduced to a certain extent, with a rated power of 202 kW (275 hp), a working mass of 32,000 kg, and a standard bucket capacity of 1.38 cubic meters (1.62 cubic meters as an option). The structural design and high efficiency of low fuel consumption reflect a significant reduction in the cost of work as well as an overall improvement in the user's construction performance. The workload is 10% higher than the original model.
Hitachi ZX330-3 hydraulic excavator adopts a humanized hydraulic system, which further improves the technical performance on the original HIOS system, improves the speed of each implementing agency, and excavates the speed increase system to reuse the hydraulic oil in the return road. Rod movement, the excavator bucket retract speed is 20% higher than the original system, the new boom regeneration system utilizes the weight of the front-end working device when the boom is lowered, so that the hydraulic oil is circulated (regenerated) in the boom oil path. In the future, the stick pressure can be provided by the autonomous pump pressure oil, and the speed of the operation can be increased by 15%.
By using an e-Service Owner's site loaded with an advanced information network system, the preventive maintenance management of the machine was introduced into the era of electronic information. Hitachi Construction Machinery shares machine information with customers and uses it as a check factor for regular inspection or hydraulic oil change. In the event of an abnormality in the machine, you can use the alarm information to diagnose the cause and dispatch technicians based on the location information. Shorten the customer's machine to stop working due to a failure, and ensure rapid and accurate service delivery.
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