After entering the 21st century, our country’s industry has achieved unprecedented development. In the past two years, with the gradual advancement of new rural construction and the government’s increasing attention to issues concerning agriculture, rural areas and farmers, central and local governments have increasingly supported the development of agriculture, and the scope of subsidies has become wider. As an important part of agricultural development, drying of agricultural products has also received more and more attention. Drying equipment has been included in the scope of subsidies for agricultural machinery, and heat pump drying has also ushered in a good opportunity for development.

The national force subsidies 30%, heat pump drying promising

In 2016, the central government issued 2011 billion yuan in funds related to subsidies for agricultural support protection, subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery, agricultural technology extension and service subsidies, development of modern agricultural production, subsidies for construction of farmland and water conservancy facilities, and agricultural disaster prevention and production. The agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy is implemented within all agricultural and animal husbandry counties (farms) in the country. The types of subsidy equipment are 11 categories, 43 subcategories and 137 items. The target of this subsidy is individuals directly engaged in agricultural production and agricultural production and operation organizations.

The subsidy scope is focused on grain and oil production machinery, key equipment of agricultural leading industries, and agricultural equipment. A total of 11 categories, 84 categories and 84 categories of products are established. The subsidies must be produced within the territory of the People's Republic of China and have been processed by the Ministry of Agriculture. If the province cancels the subsidy qualification, it will not be subsidized. The target of subsidies for agricultural machinery purchases can enjoy the total amount of central subsidy funds within the year: individuals do not exceed 300,000 yuan, and agricultural production and operation organizations (including family farms) do not exceed 800,000 yuan, among which are demonstration farmers (agricultural machinery) specialized cooperatives at or above the provincial level. Family farms do not exceed 1 million yuan.

It is understood that subsidies have been adjusted for this year's agricultural policy and subsidies have been issued to actual practitioners. Simply put, it is the business entity that really engages in agricultural production and receives subsidies to support it. In this document, the banner clearly indicates the initial processing subsidy for agricultural products (about 30% of the total investment), the financial incentives for energy-saving projects (about 10% of the total investment), and the construction of drying facilities and storage facilities. State subsidies 30%. Among them, the application of heat pump dryers in the drying of agricultural and sideline products will also become a major highlight. The national government intends to support and the heat pump technology has matured gradually. This has prompted China's heat pump drying industry to enter a golden period of development, and has played a significant role in agricultural processes such as drying of agricultural and sideline products.

Subsidies for drying equipments around the country (schedule)

Under the guidance of the central government's subsidy policy, various local governments have successively issued the subsidy policy for agricultural machinery purchase subsidies. This publication collected the subsidy policies for dryers in some regions. The specific subsidy conditions are as follows:

List of subsidies for purchase of dryers in Chongqing, 2015-2017 (adjusted in 2016)


Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region 2016 Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy Equipment Subsidy List


Hunan Province 2016 Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy Equipment Subsidy List


Jiangxi Province 2016 Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy Equipment Subsidy List


List of Subsidies for Farm Machinery Purchase Subsidies for 2016 in Shaanxi Province


Note: All of the above tables only list some of the dryer subsidy items and amounts for the provinces and cities. The specific information can be found in the 2016 National Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy Inquiry System. All subsidy units are "yuan."


Chengdu: Encouraging the construction of drying storage center

Chengdu will incorporate the “New 60 Grain Drying Centers” into the citizen's livelihood project. Each year, 20 new buildings will be built. By the end of this year, 60 grain drying centers will have been completed and put into use. In order to encourage the construction of drying storage centers, Chengdu has introduced a policy to provide a subsidy of RMB 150,000 to each drying center that meets the standards, and to ensure the grain security of Chengdu while promoting the increase of farmers' income.


Suzhou: Strengthen Drying Strength Mechanization Construction Effectiveness Grain and Oil Reserve Management

The "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" of the food security guarantee system for Suzhou City was released recently. It was mentioned that at present, about 90% of the food in the city of Suzhou needs drying and precipitation treatment. During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, the city will comprehensively improve the modernization level of warehousing and logistics, and strive to achieve more than 80 tons of grain drying capacity per 10,000 mu grain fields by 2020.

Rugao: The Municipal Bureau of Finance actively supports drying capacity building

The Rugao City Finance Bureau, together with relevant departments, carried out the acceptance inspection of the new dryers in 2016. After the acceptance, the municipal finance will allocate special funds for the construction of the drying center. Awards range from RMB 180,000 to RMB 230,000 to mobilize the enthusiasm of the new dryers in the city.

Yangzhou: The main push four types of agricultural machinery, personal purchase of agricultural machinery up to 200,000 yuan subsidy

In 2016, Yangzhou will launch four types of agricultural machinery including a ride-type rice transplanter, a large tractor larger than 85 hp, a self-propelled boom sprayer, and a grain dryer. It is planned to add 700 large tractors with a capacity of over 85 horsepower and a seater transplanter 700. Taiwan, self-propelled sprayer sprayer 100, building a regional grain drying center 40. The maximum subsidy for personal purchase of agricultural machinery is 200,000 yuan, and the maximum subsidy for agricultural production and operation organizations is 800,000 yuan.

Nantong: layout food drying

The recently promulgated “Opinions on Accelerating the Full Mechanization of Grain Production” proposed by Nantong City suggests that by 2020, the entire city’s mechanization level of grain production will reach over 80%, of which, the mechanization level of the drying section will reach over 70%.

Yishui: vigorously promote food drying equipment

Lishui County, Jiangsu Province has vigorously promoted the grain drying equipment, used grain dryers as agricultural machinery cooperatives to deploy agricultural machinery, optimized the layout of grain drying bases, set up a regional grain drying center, and focused on opening up the last kilometer of food production links. ".


Anqing City: Give Grain Dryer Purchase Subsidy

According to the "Notice of the People's Government of Anqing City on Printing and Distributing Anqing City to Promote the Development of Modern Agriculture" and the Announcement of the Anqing City Finance Committee Anqing City Finance Bureau on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Regulations of Several Policies for the Promotion of Modern Agriculture Development in 2016 in Anqing City, 2016 If the government purchases grain dryers for agricultural business entities directly engaged in grain production, it shall grant 50% subsidies to the national purchase subsidies standard.

Wuwei County: Agricultural Machinery Subsidy of RMB 22.34 million

Wuwei County in Anhui Province paid a total of 22.34 million yuan in subsidy for purchase of agricultural machinery and tools. The scope of agricultural machinery coverage has been further expanded. Grain mills, tea processing machines, and low-temperature cold storage facilities have a strong growth momentum.


Feicheng: Actively promote food drying technology to help farmers increase income

Shandong Feicheng strengthened its policy support and relied on agricultural machinery cooperatives and large grain producers as main grain drying operators to help solve the difficulties encountered in the development of grain drying mechanization; the government subsidized grain drying with the help of the Central Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy Policy. Machinery should be used to make up for it. This year alone, 15 units (sets) of grain drying equipment will be subsidized, and 677,100 yuan of subsidies will be used. Up to now, the city has built 13 grain drying bases and owns 33 sets of various grain drying equipments. The annual drying of grain amounts to more than 50,000 tons and farmers are encouraged to increase their income by more than 20 million yuan.


Yichang: "13th Five-Year Plan" to promote agricultural equipment

The “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” outline of Yichang pointed out that the application of facilities and equipment and technology should be accelerated, and the ability of agriculture to avoid disasters and reduce disasters should be improved. Relying on its core base, it will focus on the development of intelligent greenhouses, spray irrigation and micro-irrigation facilities, rain shelter facilities, intelligent livestock and poultry breeding, cultivation and transplanting, and storage, preservation and drying of agricultural products. Actively introduce modern agricultural facilities and their production technologies that save water, land, and energy. By 2020, the city's comprehensive level of agricultural machinery operations will reach over 70%, basically achieving agricultural mechanization.

Today, the variety of drying equipment in China is increasing, the scope of use is continuously expanding, the level of products is rapidly increasing, and the market competitiveness is also increasing. In particular, the government has introduced relevant support policies such as subsidies for agricultural machinery, which are very favorable to the development of the dryer industry in China. In the international competition, compared with the competitors, the drying equipment manufacturers in China have the advantage of low prices. The main disadvantages are that the degree of automatic control, appearance quality, completeness of the product, and the functional combination need to be further improved. However, with the support of national policies, the sound development of the dryer industry is also just around the corner.

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