Electronic fence is a security system that has gradually emerged in China in recent years. It integrates deterrence, blocking, and alarming. It is more human and intelligent, and it is favored by domestic security users and recommended by engineering companies. Electronic fences are also divided into pulse-type electronic fences and tension-type electronic fences in China. The basic difference between the two is that the pulsed electronic pen line has a pulse voltage, and the tension type electronic fence line is not energized, and the detection and alarm of the tension and retraction are performed by force.

First, deterrence, re-block, and post-alarm triple protection: The yellow hazard sign of the pulsed high-voltage electronic fence first gives the intruder great psychological pressure, causing him to retreat. An intruder will give a pulsed electric shock if he takes an invasive action, but this electric shock does not pay attention to damage to the intruder and will prompt the intruder to leave. When the intruder forcibly crosses or destroys the line, the system will send an alarm signal to the police. The information will be transmitted to the duty control room. Someone will view it to the scene. Moreover, the false positive rate of electronic fences is extremely low and will not be affected by animals and plants, and it will be affected by the environment such as terrain and weather. Simple installation, maintenance and maintenance and its convenience, basically no maintenance fees will be put in later period.

If the electronic fence is designed properly, it will give the user a good experience. The units with relatively good strength generally divide the defense area according to the actual situation of their own place. The quality of the defense zone setting directly affects the user's experience. And good zone settings can use a host, which saves the overhead! After all, the electronic fence host is the most expensive item in the electronic fence entire material system!

Well, as electronic fences have received so much attention in the field of perimeter security, what kind of electronic fence is the first choice for people? To be cost-effective, safe, stable and easy to use and timely after-sales. It also depends on whether the design of the project is reasonable, the quality of the engineering construction wiring, and good engineering cases are also part of it. Many companies will set up a lot of intermediate rods for material selection. Due to the thin middle rods and poor force, experienced construction units will choose to use less or no more. The more used are the support rods and terminal pull rods. Although the cost of the support rod and terminal rod is relatively high, so the cost will be higher, but they will endure much more strength, so that it will be relatively durable, and the user's engineering is also a guarantee of quality, durable and beautiful atmosphere.

Then, the electronic fence is applicable to any place (eg, individual houses, commodity communities, camps, industrial areas, factories, warehouses, judicial systems, cultural relics protection units, border lines, law enforcement agencies of the prisons, government agencies, etc.). Vertical installation on perimeter fences and walls. The system automatically adapts to the site environment to make corresponding changes, and changes according to changes in regional conditions. For example, in fog and sandstorm days, the system can maintain the highest alarm value. Moreover, the electronic fence is easy to construct, does not require welding, and will not be eroded. Easy to implement, zero false alarm rate, high reliability, the alarm is basically not affected by climate, terrain, trees, small animals, etc., and there is no blind area, no dead ends, no loopholes.

Community pulse electronic fence

In some special places, for example, for the sake of school student safety, etc., the school's security system needs to be designed based on more reasonable humanization, one by air defense, and second by technical defense means (perimeter security alarm system). Then how should schools and kindergartens choose electronic fences? We must consider all aspects of schools, kindergartens and electronic fences to find out their compatibility points.

First, for the characteristics of schools and kindergartens, the use of electronic fence selection should always be considered in the following aspects:

1. First place the personal safety of teachers, students and staff in schools, kindergartens, etc. in the first place;

2, should consider the factors of children, naughty students, even if the human body touched the fence by mistake can not directly or indirectly cause damage and other adverse results;

3. Considering the electromagnetic environment for maintaining schools and kindergartens, the selected electronic fences should not cause electronic attacks on the surrounding environment during operation.

4. The electronic fence should be able to display and alarm immediately at the control center, and record information such as intrusion, faults, destruction, and alert status in real time, as well as networking functions with the regional bureau.

5, the electronic fence should be easy to use, easy to learn, no special requirements for the user.

Second, the features and functions of electronic fences are comparable. The electronic fence can be divided into three types according to the form of front-end tasks: high-voltage type, tension type, and induction type. The high-voltage electronic fence is divided into two types: high-voltage sine wave and high-voltage pulse electronic fence. The high-voltage pulse electronic fence is divided into two types: intelligent type and common type. The tension type electronic fence can be divided into: unilateral tension type, bilateral Tension type two; Inductive electronic fence is divided into: infrared, laser, vibration, static electricity and so on.

Some of the commonly used electronic fences feature comparisons:

After comparing the functions of the above-mentioned several types of electronic fences, it is recommended to use tension type electronic fences for the purpose of reaching school and kindergarten protection.

School tension type electronic fence

Third, tension type electronic fence features

The stainless steel wire rope is not charged during the running process of the tension type electronic fence, and its good features are good grounding. When the tension type electronic fence is in operation, it is impossible for the stainless steel wire rope to be charged without electric arc spark, and the stainless steel wire rope is not grounded to emit electromagnetic waves, and the surrounding environment is not purified. Therefore, as far as the electromagnetic environment is concerned, the tension-type electronic fence is a green product that can promote the establishment and development of a harmonious, well-off society.

The protected objects of schools and kindergartens are: students, children, teachers, parents, employees, etc. The climbing and playful activities of students and children often occur. The selection of electronic fences must consider not only preventing invasion but also preventing students and young children. Secondary damage due to accidental electric shock. The tension type electronic fence should be the most suitable electronic fence for schools and kindergartens on the market.

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