[Chinese instrumentation network instrument companies] major companies are rushing to do the platform, Schneider Electric is no exception. In the field of energy efficiency management and automation, Schneider Electric is not exclusive. How to stand out in the context of the Internet of Things? Prith Banerjee, executive vice president, chief technology officer and member of the executive committee of Schneider Electric, gave an answer at the media open day of the group's Shanghai R&D center.

EcoStruxureTM Total IoT-based solution This is not a new word. As early as 2007, Schneider Electric put forward this vision. Until the end of last year, Schneider Electric released a new generation of EcoStruxureTM architecture and platform for building, power grid, industry and Users in the data center area provide scalable, IoT-based solutions.

Similar to the Apple iOS platform and Android platform, EcoStruxureTM welcomes other vendors to develop applications on the platform. The co-development of EcoStruxureTM includes Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, Intel and other globally renowned companies.

For example, in the data center, EcoStruxureTM and SwitchSky have jointly developed applications specifically for data centers; cooperation with Deloitte and Sanofi has led to the development of vertical applications in building management; such cooperation as PepsiCo and Nestlé is in food and The industrial control in the beverage industry sector has developed specific applications. On the grid side, specific applications have also been developed for Chinese companies such as Xinao.

From "thing" to "interconnected products"

We are familiar with Schneider Electric products, ranging from low- and medium-voltage circuit breakers for buildings, UPSs in data centers, programmable controllers and inverters in industrial fields, to energy grid transmission products and solutions. Schneider Electric has been committed to the production of "materials" in the past hundred years of history. In the new era, Schneider Electric aims to connect these "things" and create interconnected products.

In addition to cloud control, Schneider Electric develops localized regional control and provides application and analysis software services. The EcoStruxureTM architecture is a three-tiered structure consisting of interconnected products, regional control, application analysis and services, to four application scenarios or The market segments are the complete solutions for buildings, data centers, industries, and power grids.

Not only is the product interoperable, but the interconnection with other brands is also a feature of EcoStruxureTM. The four application scenarios cover a wide range of applications and span a wide range. Different vertical domains can be cross-connected and integrated. Compared to vertical interconnection and IoT solutions in a single field, Schneider Electric will face more potential customers.

The general trend of the Internet of Things "For Schneider Electric, the Internet of Things is the future of the company," said Prith Banerjee. Digitalization has become a global trend, and the digitalization of personal life has become ubiquitous. This is why Schneider Electric strongly embraces digitalization and has made huge investments.

What kind of value can it provide?

The implementation of the Internet of Things requires the adoption of five key new technologies: mobile technology, cloud technology, sensing technology, analysis technology, and network security technology. IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) are integrated into the entire energy management system. The process of automating the transformation plays a major role: First is the improvement of energy efficiency and sustainability; Then, it can optimize asset availability and performance; Once again, intelligent, efficient and profitable operations can be realized; Finally, potential risks can be viewed on the mobile side. , Actively carry out risk mitigation.

Without a visionary product, a company may not be able to break through; but if it cannot upgrade from a product to a platform, a company may not survive in the future of the Internet of Things.

Prith Banerjee, who is in charge of the digitization business of Schneider Electric Group, said on the media open day: “With Internet of Things technology, EcoStruxure is a big bet for customers from Schneider Electric.”

(Original title: Schneider Electric Energy Efficiency Management Platform)

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