How to solve the high-frequency failure of the digital push-pull force meter, many users will encounter glitches when using the digital push-pull force meter, then how to solve it, the following, Heng Gang's digital explicit push force meter To teach the majority of users to solve this problem.

First, to reduce the number of explicit push-pull gauge fault method one:
Do not use sharp tools instead of finger keys
2, the instrument can only be used to test the thrust or tension, do not let the test rod to withstand bending or turning direction force
3, a reasonable choice of range, if it is to test the impact load, to use at least twice the impact load range
4. Do not use it where water, oil or other liquid is splashed, store in a cool, dry place with no vibration.
5, please use the matching charger to charge, the green light is full when the battery is full, digital display push-pull force meter can be used to charge at the same time, the normal charge takes about 4 hours
6, the instrument built-in 6V/1500mAh nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries, do not use other types of batteries
7, please do not use wet hands to insert or pull out the charger plug to prevent touch

Second, the boot LCD screen and the upper and lower limit lights flashing at the same time how to do
1, the boot beyond the scope of clear, may be too heavy or the sensor has been damaged
2, replace the light fixture, or remove the fixture, can not rule out the need to send the instrument back to the manufacturer for repair

3. The LCD screen flickers when the computer is turned on, the upper and lower pointer lights flash around, and the LCD screen displays “Err99”.
1、Possible reason: The digital push-pull gauge was overloaded
2. Exclusion method: After pressing the zero key, the instrument can enter the measurement interface; please use the instrument cautiously, and do not use it with extreme negative values.

Fourth, after the instrument is charged, the use time is shortened.
1. Possible cause: The built-in battery has been damaged
2. Remedy: Send the manufacturer back to replace the battery

Five, how can I do not boot?
1. Possible cause: The battery is exhausted
2. Remedy: Connect the charger to charge

Sixth, connected to the charger can not boot how to do
1. Possible causes: The battery is damaged and the charger is damaged
2. Remedy: The instrument must be returned to the manufacturer for repair

Seven, charger connected to the instrument after the charge indicator is green how to do
1. Probable cause: Poor contact of charging interface
2. Remedy: Plug the plug between the charger and the digital push-pull force meter several times to make it in good contact.

Digital push-pull gauge picture

Digital display push force meter

Digital display push force meter

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