Technology Daily News (Reporter Li Wo) China's first underwater observation network water quality monitoring system recently released in Beijing. Dr. Yang Huayong, general manager of Zhongtian Marine Systems Co., Ltd., said that the new underwater underwater networking technology was successfully developed jointly by Zhongtian Marine and Zhejiang University and could be continuously monitored 24 hours a day, in real time and in situ online. Laboratory sampling, laboratory tests, analysis led to data lags and other issues.

Yang Huayong said that the technology is based on the results of the "Twelfth Five-year" and "863" projects of the two countries of ZTT "deep sea ROV, tow body and other equipment armored cable technology" and "deep sea optical and electrical composite cable and wet swap interface technology" After years of research and development test, after the successful application in the relevant sea area, it is the first successful application in civil water quality monitoring projects such as Nantong Water Company. Users simply log in to the computer or open the phone APP, you can get real-time data.

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