Suitable for small towns in the domestic advanced technology of sewage treatment

1.1, suitable for small and medium-sized town sewage treatment of domestic advanced technology type

At present, the overall level of economic development in our country is still low, and the pollution in urban life is serious. To solve the problem of domestic sewage pollution, China urgently needs the urban sewage treatment technology and technology that is economical, efficient, energy-saving and technologically advanced.

Into the 1980s, the rapid development of sewage treatment technology, new technologies continue to emerge, the traditional technology continues to optimize and improve. In order to guide the construction of urban sewage treatment plants, the Ministry of Construction, the State Environmental Protection Administration and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued the Technical Policy on Urban Sewage and Pollution Prevention and Control, giving guidance on the selection of treatment technologies for sewage treatment plants of different construction scale Opinions, the technical policy proposed daily capacity of 100000 cubic meters of sewage treatment facilities, in addition to the use of A / O method, A / A / 0 law, can also be used with phosphorus and nitrogen removal effect of oxidation ditch, SBR Method, hydrolysis aerobic method and biological filter method, if necessary, can also be used physical and chemical methods to strengthen the phosphorus removal effect.

In accordance with the actual treatment effect of the existing treatment technologies and the development of advanced wastewater treatment demonstration projects and new technologies in the advanced technologies, the MEP has launched the "List of 2008 National Advanced Pollution Prevention and Treatment Technology Demonstration Plans" and the "2008 Nationally Encouraged Development Environmental protection technology directory ", which is suitable for small and medium-sized town sewage treatment process, including recommended technology, including hanging chain aeration sewage treatment technology, sequencing batch activated sludge sewage treatment technology, aerobic biological fluidized bed sewage treatment technology, membrane bioreactor Sewage treatment technology, special effects biological contact oxidation sewage treatment technology, diatomite chemical coagulation and improved biological aerated filter combined treatment technology, constructed wetland sewage treatment and reuse technology, the above seven kinds of technology with low construction costs, Low operating costs, low operating management needs and secondary pollutant emissions less features.

1.2, suitable for small towns in the sewage treatment of a brief description of advanced technology

Hanging chain aeration sewage treatment technology

The technology uses the impervious structure of the land for the integration of biological treatment reactor, suspended oxygen-enriched aerator or suspended aeration chain for oxygenation equipment, the formation of aeration tank AO staggered sewage treatment unit. The technology is characterized by the aerator suspended in the float chain across the aerator pool, each chain can be in a certain area of ​​movement, the service area increases, the shape of the aeration does not require rules, the existing ponds and lakes can be used And so on, there is no special demand for the pool body, engineering investment greatly reduced, and aeration efficiency greatly improved, easy maintenance. Suitable for the water quality is not high, good geological conditions in the region.

Sequencing batch activated sludge wastewater treatment technology

The technology performs biodegradation and mud separation processes in one or more tanks with a selector, running in parallel and with variable reaction volumes. The technology is based on the time sequence of water, the reaction (aeration), sedimentation, effluent, sludge and other five procedures for the operation, starting from the sewage into the end of sludge is called an operation cycle, this operation through the computer program Repeated control over and over again, so as to achieve the purpose of sewage treatment. The most obvious technological feature of this technology is that it does not need to set up secondary sedimentation tank and sewage and sludge return system. It can stabilize the operation through reasonable control of the operation cycle by program control and realize the dephosphorization and denitrification. Without two sedimentation tanks and saving the reflux system, Small footprint, investment, infrastructure and operating costs low, suitable for small and medium water sewage treatment process. At present, there are many variants of this technology, such as ICEAS, CASS, CAST, UNITANK, etc. The Organica ecological treatment technology also belongs to the variant technology of the technology. For comparison, the CASS process is selected as the comparative technology.

Aerobic biological fluidized bed sewage treatment technology

Aerobic biological fluidized bed technology is an efficient biochemical treatment technology developed in the early 1970s. The bioreactor uses the internal circulation three-phase biological fluidized bed as the principle bioreactor and is filled with high-strength lightweight carrier Reduce the power consumption of the fluidization process, labyrinth carrier separator structure to ensure that the carrier annual loss rate <10%, the main features of the sludge concentration, mass transfer speed.


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