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Recently, Maoming City, Maoming City, Guangdong private mining company Maoming Petrochemical Mining Co., Ltd., because of "illegal" mining, the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Land and Resources of Maoming City issued a fine 725 million yuan fine. Once the event was exposed by the media, it immediately became the focus of attention of people in the industry and public opinion. The relevant person in charge of Maoming Petrochemical Mining Co., Ltd. stated that the high-price ticket was “obviously unfair” and there was a suspicion that state-owned enterprises and private enterprises were contending for profit; prominent figures in the legal community such as Jiang Ping, Wang Jiafu, and Yang Lixin also issued “legal opinions” that the land of Maoming City was The administrative penalties of the Bureau of Resources fall under the “obvious administrative penalties” prohibited by Article 54 of the Administrative Procedure Law.

Maoming Petrochemical Mining Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise restructured from a subsidiary of the large state-owned enterprise “Maoming Petrochemical Mining Company”. When the company was restructured in 2002, it signed a “mining right lease contract with the mining right owner Maoming Petrochemical Mining Company. "In the "Golden Pond Mining Area" to carry out mining operations. On June 30, 2009, the mining rights of “Jintang Mining Area” expired. Maoming Petrochemical Mining Co., Ltd. strives for "renewal permit" while continuing to mine. This unlicensed mining operation was identified as an illegal mining activity by the Land and Resources Bureau of Maoming City.

On May 19, 2010, the Maoming Land and Resources Bureau decided to impose an administrative penalty on the mining company and imposed a fine of RMB 100,000 on the mining company. Maoming Petrochemical Mining Co., Ltd. dissatisfied and applied for administrative reconsideration, and eventually the Guangdong National Land Agency cancelled the above-mentioned administrative penalty on the ground of procedural violations. However, on October 9th last year, the Maoming Land and Resources Bureau issued an “administrative punishment hearing notice” to Maoming Petrochemical Mining Co., Ltd.: it was ordered to stop mining in the “Jintang Mining Area”; confiscated mineral products produced by the company; a fine of 725 million yuan.

The relevant person in charge of Maoming Petrochemical Mining Co., Ltd told Nandu that the reason for the occurrence of “illegal” exploitation was because when the two parties had reached an agreement when the system was restructured, Maoming Petrochemical Mining Company would apply for a mining right after the agreed mining rights expired. Renewal." However, after the expiration of the mining rights in 2009, Maoming Petrochemical Mining Company did not apply for a continuation of mining rights. "Our company has more than 2,000 workers. If we stop mining, more than 2,000 workers may be unemployed. Therefore, the company has to fight for 'renewal' while mining."

The person in charge also said: “The assessment price of the whole mine is only 110 million yuan, and the fine is as high as 725 million yuan. We cannot accept it.” “The reason why Maoming Petrochemical Mining Company did not apply for a mining right extension was because of Maoming Petrochemical Mining Company and Maoming. The municipal government wants to sell the mining rights to Guanhao Hi-tech (10.39,0.00,0.00%), a state-owned listed company. Is this a dispute between state-owned enterprises and the people?"

On April 4, Maoming City Land and Resources Bureau responded to the incident on its official website, saying that the bureau issued an administrative penalty hearing notice, not an administrative punishment decision. As the company is involved in judicial proceedings on suspicion of illegal mining, Maoming City Land and Resources Bureau will not issue a ticket to the company. Instead, it will submit the evidence and data of these illegal gains to the judicial authorities. "We finally punished the company according to the court's decision."

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